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TV’s Most Valuable Performers

17 Dec

Television Without Pity names NINA DOBREV one of TV’s Most Valuable Performers.

We were not exactly wowed by Nina Dobrev back in her days on Degrassi, but instead of staying in her little teen bubble (like fellow Degrassi alum Shenae Grimes, who is terrible on 90210), she has really grown into the role of Elena. Better still: she’s even more amazing when she’s playing the truly evil vampire Katherine. Double our viewing pleasure.


Nina Talks This Week’s Steamy Sex Scene

7 Dec

“First, Jeremy getting trapped in the tomb was like, Katherine wins! When Stefan came in, she’s like, ‘Wow, I couldn’t have planned this better if I tried. The one person I want to be stuck with, here he is, and now he’s got nowhere to go. I will seduce him, I will tease him, I will anger him.’ The line between love and hate truly is very, very thin,” Dobrev says. “So she has a chance to egg him on, and he can’t do anything about it. He has no choice but to listen, and yeah, it is a very kind of sexy, manipulative scene, and he gives in. It’s pretty crazy.”

“I especially have been thrown around the set on a number of occasions,” Dobrev concedes with a laugh. “They try to make sure we’re safe when we do those things, but we as actors can’t help but get into it. We want to feel the pain. We want to make it real. So sometimes, we go overboard and slam each other a little too hard. Like that scene in particular, they padded it a little bit, but you can only do so much before you actually see the padding. It was a lot of throwing around.” So she sported some bruises afterward? “Oh, I have bruises on a daily basis. I always have bruises on my body. I’m black and blue all over,” she says. “Thank goodness for Arnica.”

“Elijah (guest star Daniel Gillies) makes an unexpected appearance with an offer that could change everything.” Elena wanted to sacrifice herself last episode to spare the lives of her friends, who are trying to save her from Elijah (and the as-yet-unseen Klaus). Will Elijah work that angle? All Dobrev will say is this: “Elena is in a predicament in the sense that she has a challenge, and she is out of control for the first time in a long time. When Elijah comes into her life on this day, it’s even more challenging, and tempting. Elena is the one who has to make a decision, and this time, she’s not in control, which is very frustrating for her. Elena doesn’t like to not be in control.”

Dobrev agrees that the introduction of Elijah and the concept of The Originals has been great for the show. “It’s gonna keep getting gorier and better and darker,” she says. “It adds a whole other layer. As difficult as it was for all the characters before, now they’re faced with an even more epic danger. Everyone is at risk.” But not Katherine, right? She won’t be getting a stake in the heart anytime soon, we hope. “I can’t imagine what the show was before Katherine came around,” Dobrev says. For a second, you wonder if that’s the sleep-deprivation from her schedule playing the doppelgängers for half a season talking. But it’s not. “If she ever left, I think that would be a really big mistake. She’s like another Damon,” she continues, “but now Damon is getting a lot softer, and you still need that kind of playful bad character.”

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Double Duty on Vampire Diaries

25 Nov

NINA DOBREV chats with torontosun.com and tells her double duty as Elena Gilbert and Katherine Pierce on Vampire Diaries.

“I called my mom, and she and I translated it,” Dobrev said of the Bulgarian dialogue in the episode titled Katerina.

“I think the writers had used an internet translator and it was so funny. All those online translators are never right. So we did it. I translated my own dialogue, but I called my mom just to confirm I was right.

“I worked really, really hard on that (episode),” added Dobrev, on the phone last week during a rare day off from shooting. “I really got to play the four different characters. And it was great to play the innocence of pre-vampire Katherine, when she was just a normal human.”

Dobrev has been particularly busy with dual roles this season on The Vampire Diaries, which airs Thursdays on CW and A.

When Dobrev mentioned “four characters,” she wasn’t exaggerating. There’s Elena; there’s modern-day Katherine; there’s 1800s Katherine, seen many times in flashbacks; and now 1400s Katherine and her Bulgarian dialogue has been added to the fray. With regard to all the heavy lifting, Dobrev said she’s fortunate everything has happened gradually.

“I’ve done it in small baby steps,” Dobrev said. “I’ve been given a lot of opportunities in different parts of my life, starting in Toronto with Degrassi, then the bit parts in movies that I did, and now The Vampire Diaries.

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Nina Dobrev “Scared” A Fan

19 Nov

NINA DOBREV has admitted that she accidentally scared a young fan of Vampire Diaries. “I play Elena, who’s the sweet girl next door, and then I play Katherine, who’s this manipulative, kind of confident, spontaneous crazy girl,” she said on Lopez Tonight.

“There was this one case where I had this little girl and her mum come up to me and her mum was like, ‘Hey, look, honey, it’s the girl from The Vampire Diaries – it’s Elena’. And the girl looked at me because I was wearing this big period dress that Katherine normally wears, and she said, ‘No, mummy, no, no, no, that’s Katherine. I don’t want to go near her, she’s going to bite me’.”

Dobrev continued: “She was this little girl and she was so cute and she was running away and I just wanted to hug her and I couldn’t.”

The Vampire Diaries returns for a new episode on December 2 at 8/7c on The CW.

Source: Digital Spy

Nina Dobrev on MTV’s 10 on Top

13 Nov

NINA DOBREV is featured on MTV’s 10 on Top where she ranked #2 (Vampire Diaries). A YouTube video is now available.

Credit: SuperVacici8