Nina Dobrev Answers Fan Questions

24 Jan

Q: Will Elena keep her word to Elijah?

Nina Dobrev: I think so. Elena will do whatever it takes to keep everyone around her safe. So whether that ends up being keeping a promise or in the spur of the moment, something happens and she has to, in order to keep her friends safe, not keep her promise, then she will do whatever it takes. She’s a very selfless person who, as you can see, is willing to give her life for those around her.

Q: Will Katherine die in the tomb or will she escape?

ND: I don’t know, will she? I will tell you that I am going tomb crazy myself. I’ve been in the same wardrobe for six episodes. Every time I shoot that, they have to actually make my hair dirty and mess it up. I feel dirty and gross and I want to shower. I’m ready to come out of the tomb too. I’m ready to never be in the tomb ever again.



Q: They actually put dirt in your hair?

ND: Yeah, they do. They put dirt and they tease it. It’s weird because when vampires are desiccating and they don’t have blood, they start to look sickly and look like they’re dying. Usually as actors we want to look our best. You’re on national television! But when the character calls for it, you draw on undereye dark circles. It is cool. I personally love it. I love getting nitty and gritty and doing the opposite. I actually really love that.

Q: How do you like kissing the hottest guys on TV?

ND: Between the two characters on the show, I’ve literally kissed almost everyone in the cast.

Q: Wait, that doesn’t answer the question.

ND: I’m not going to kiss and tell. Everyone always asks me but I never answer.

Q: Who do you think Damon should end up with?

ND: Whoever he wants to be with.

Q: Have you thought about what you’d like to see Elena do after graduation?

ND: Survive.

Q: College maybe?

ND: Yeah, of course, but she hasn’t really been in school much lately so I don’t know how she’s going to graduate. She probably still gets A’s in all of her schoolwork even though she doesn’t go because her aunt is dating her teacher.

Q: Would you like to do a Vampire Diaries movie?

ND: I would like to finish season two of The Vampire Diaries first before I do anything. I’m so overwhelmed right now, in a good way.

Q: Does it get confusing playing both Katherine and Elena?

ND: It’s confusing to be in my head and to do this.  It’s not easy and I think I’m slowly becoming a schizophrenic because of it, but it’s cool. I even forgot the question.  I’m so like confused now.

Q: It was about playing both characters.

ND: About playing both, and there’s a lot going on but I’m loving it and it’s never a dull day on The Vampire Diaries. For me, I’ve always got something to do and it’s pretty awesome.

Q: Do you enjoy playing Katherine or Elena better?

ND: Not better, not one better than the other. They’re both so different. Elena I get to do a lot of emotional scenes. She goes through such a roller coaster ride where as Katherine, I just get to f*** with everyone. Excuse my language but I just get to play around and have fun and be bad and get away with things that all throughout my life I’ve been taught by my parents not to do and now I get paid for it.

Q: Could you see playing a third character at some point?

ND: Hypothetically because Katherine is the first doppelganger that means there was one before her. So I guess we’ll see what happens.

Q: Would you like to do that?

ND: I have my hands very full right now, but I’m sure it would be interesting.

Q: What are your thoughts on the arrival of Klaus? Who should be cast and have you imagined an actor playing him in your head?

ND: I can’t tell you too much because I don’t want to give it away, but Klaus is coming at some point by the end of the season.  He hasn’t been cast yet as far as I know.  We don’t really know that much.  We won’t find out again until it’s actually written on the page, but he’s going to be a big, bad vampire.  I think Sacha Baron Cohen should be cast, do one of his crazy characters with an accent. So Sacha.  Anyone can just pass along the message.

Source: Hollywood News


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