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Nina Dobrev “Scared” A Fan

19 Nov

NINA DOBREV has admitted that she accidentally scared a young fan of Vampire Diaries. “I play Elena, who’s the sweet girl next door, and then I play Katherine, who’s this manipulative, kind of confident, spontaneous crazy girl,” she said on Lopez Tonight.

“There was this one case where I had this little girl and her mum come up to me and her mum was like, ‘Hey, look, honey, it’s the girl from The Vampire Diaries – it’s Elena’. And the girl looked at me because I was wearing this big period dress that Katherine normally wears, and she said, ‘No, mummy, no, no, no, that’s Katherine. I don’t want to go near her, she’s going to bite me’.”

Dobrev continued: “She was this little girl and she was so cute and she was running away and I just wanted to hug her and I couldn’t.”

The Vampire Diaries returns for a new episode on December 2 at 8/7c on The CW.

Source: Digital Spy


“Honorary Latina” on Lopez Tonight

18 Nov

NINA DOBREV looked fabulous on Lopez Tonight which aired on TBS yesterday. Nina talks about Vampire Diaries, family and Hotlanta. Find out how Nina becomes the “Honorary Latina”. A YouTube video is now available.

Credit: LuckyCatGirl