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‘Vampire Diaries’ 2.10: Ian Somerhalder Gets Authoritative With Nina Dobrev

12 Nov

Ian Somerhalder will be using his power to threaten NINA DOBREV in the next episode of “The Vampire Diaries”. A preview of the episode teases that Elena doesn’t want to put her loved ones in danger anymore and decides to take matters into her own hands, but when she refuses to leave the house, Damon shows off his authoritative side.

In addition to the promo video, two short clips have been put out for viewing pleasure. One displays the scene wherein Elena is being watched by someone in her sleep before she is awaken by a loud thud inside her home. Another one turns the focus on Tyler and Caroline as the twosome get down to the Lockwood cellar.

The CW is to air “The Sacrifice” on December 2, before playing it again on December 17 to conclude the 10-episode marathon of “Vampire Diaries”. In the episode, Elena decides to take matters into her own hands and offers a tempting incentive to Rose for her help. When things take an unexpected turn, however, Rose calls on Damon to deal with the plan Elena has set in motion.

Jeremy’s reckless attempt to help Bonnie retrieve the moonstone lands him in a life-threatening position and forces Stefan to put himself in danger. Meanwhile, Bonnie and Luka form a closer connection. Tyler shows Caroline the Lockwood cellar, where she makes a discovery that leaves them both terrified.

Source: Celebrity Mania