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Portrait Magazine’s 20 Most Beautiful Inside & Out

4 Dec

NINA DOBREV is our #10 Most Beautiful Inside & Out in Portrait Magazine.

“I am who I am, and I don’t want to change, or do anything except feel fresh and happy…You have to keep yourself healthy and…sometimes you wake up and you don’t feel so great but as long as you’re taking all the measures that you can to make yourself look and feel your best, that’s what’s most important.” – Nina Dobrev

If you’re like the majority of the population that is hooked on vampires, chances are you’ve probably heard of Nina Dobrev, one of the stars of the the CW’s hit television show “The Vampire Diaries”. The talented Bulgarian beauty has two roles on the show: Elena Gilbert and Katherine Pierce. Nina was discovered by talent agencies while attending the Dean Armstrong Acting School in Toronto, Canada. Before her television show jobs, she modeled and was a regular fixture in commercials. It was no surprise that Nina would move on to acting and show the world how beautiful she was.

Even though Nina vamps it up on the small screen, she has a great sense of humor, vivacious personality, and loads of perseverance. Nina has been known to pull pranks on her fellow castmates, but also encourages them to spend time together and just have fun. Her determination also kicked in when she sent an audition tape to the producers of “The Vampire Diaries” after she auditioned for them in person! Nina also remembers her roots and her life before stardom. She worked for the things that she wanted by delivering newspapers and selling clothes at the mall. Nina is also eternally grateful for her supportive fans and has said that it is their enthusiasm that keeps her going.

Nina’s sweet charm and outgoing nature have helped her become the most sought-after starlets of the moment. She has found her way into our hearts with her down-to-earth nature and humbleness. “Every morning, I think to myself, ‘This is so cool. I’m so lucky.’ I don’t want to let it slip away…I’m in such a great position. I live a lovely life,” says Nina.

Why You Chose Her:
Saskia Bruisten: She is a kind, generous person with a positive attitude. She doesn’t let the fame get to her head and a very hard worker (she plays the part of Katherine and Elena in the Vampire Diaries, which gives her more screentime than any other person on the show), making twelve hour days. She’s an inspiration to a lot of young adults, particulary because she embraces her curves and shines no matter what she wears or how many make-up she’s got on her face.